‘ Salon du Chocolat’

‘Salon du Chocolat’ / International Cocoa Awards – The Cocoa Oscars
Since 10 years, the world’s best cocoa, selected through the Cocoa of Excellence programme, is presented in the unique ceremony of the International Cocoa Awards. After an examination of the physical quality and sensory assessment of the fermented and dried cocoa beans, together with a sensory evaluation of the Cocoa liquor, the Coex Technical Committee chooses its samples from what it considers to be, the best 50 cocoas in the world. These 50 samples are then processed with the appropriate chocolate processing, among which the judges choose the 15-20 best samples, that will eventually take part in the International Cocoa Awards ceremony. At this ceremony, producers from 40 different producing countries, can present the results of their efforts to the world’s chocolate industry and the press. The purpose of the program and the event, is to promote and reward small or large producers who produce high-quality cocoa and connect them with speciality chocolate sector.
This year’s ceremony will take place in Paris, at Salon du Chocolat on October 30, 2019. We look forward to getting to know the winners of the best cocoa in the world this year !!! I look forward to having the opportunity to taste them !!!!

LINK: www.salon-du-chocolat.com
www.cocoa of excellence.org