Level 1 BSA Barista Skills
An 16 hour seminar . The main objective of this seminar ,is the acquaintance of students with the theory of coffee, tea and cocoa, which will support their practical training. In addition, focus is given to learning all the important beverages of the coffee menu and their correct preparation. The seminar among other things, is based on teaching the necessary steps of the perfect extraction of the espresso beverage and creating the right microfoam quality.
  • Theory of coffee / Bean to Cup
  • Grinder callibration
  • Barista Routine - theory / practice
  • Correct extraction of Espresso
  • Greek Coffee / Filter coffee
  • Theory of Basic Tea Types-Tasting
  • Creation of the 'Microfoam' for Cappuccino / Café Latte
  • The Coffee Menu / theory and practice / Learning to make all Coffee Menu beverages
  • Theory of Basic Varieties of Cocoa-Tasting
  • Theoretical and practical examinations for obtaining the official British certification BSA Level 1 Barista Skills
Level 2 BSA Barista Skills VRQ
An 20 hour seminar, for experienced baristi. The main objective is to introduce baristi to the speciality world and expand their knowledge in coffee, as well as in tea and cocoa. Special emphasis is given to the botanical and tasting analysis of the above three products. On a practical level ,the emphasis is given to the alternative forms of filter coffee extraction ( Cold brew , V 60, Aeropress etc ) , in Latte art and creating different recipes for smoothies . Together with the above, focus is given to information regarding the safety and hygiene of the barista 's work , along with material about the correct customer service , complaint management and emphasis on consumer behaviour.
  • Speciality Coffee / Bean to cup / Sensory analysis
  • Roasting
  • Degassing / Brewing ( theory and practice)
  • Latte Art
  • Water
  • Speciality Tea
  • Speciality Cocoa
  • Smoothies
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Customer Service – Consumer behaviour-Complaint Management
  • Theoretical and Practical examinations for obtaining the British certification and educational qualification Level 2 BSA Barista Skills VRQ