The knowledge provided by the seminar was very focussed , without generalizations. The teachers were analytical both in theory and practice. I strongly suggest it to all young people, with passion and love for coffee, to attend both the 2 Levels , in order to acquire the necessary knowledge that every Barista needs to have , which combined with practice at work will help him/her evolve into a successful professional in this enormous world called coffee, which evolves daily.

Plakoutsis Constantine, Head bartender TATOI TENNIS CLUB

“Coffee for me is a journey into a world of unique experiences, high demands and constant changes. Therefore as a professional in the field,in order that I and the consumers enjoy this journey, I need to constantly update my knowledge. By selecting Marilena , Vangelis and the rest of the team I have discovered a unique interactive educational experience that, in addition to the much new knowledge I have gained from the voluminous and uniquely organized educational material, I was able through the structure of the seminar and the practical application of the knowledge to discover my shortcomings and improve immensely. It is worth mentioning the excellent equipment being used, the unbiased examinations and the continuing professional support at the end of the seminars. Thanks buddies for the nice and unique moments. Keep going .”

Thomas Koloniatis,
Executive Barista at Gregory’s, Beverage manager

I attended this seminar to deepen my knowledge on hot beverages . Behind them there exists a philosophy I wanted to learn . Exceptional experience , with specialized teachers in both theory and practice . A very useful seminar not only because it teaches the story of the products , but also because it teaches us to respect the quality and quantity of the products we use daily as baristi . In addition, the technical details were very helpful and important in the seminar , playing a crucial role in the final result.

Alexandra Kyritsi
Loumidis Kifissia Coffee store

As coffee is not just my work but my passion, I wanted to enrich my knowledge. By conducting a survey, I discovered that there are many coffee seminars in Greece, but most without international certification or diploma. So I chose the BSA and it was the best thing I could do! The training was magical because I had the ability to understand the whole theory in practice, I had next to me the professional trainers who could really transmit all the knowledge in an amazing way,who were there with a smile and patience for me and for my questions (which were many).I got a lot of new knowledge and enriched to the fullest my already existing knowledge and most important leaving from there I was able to apply this knowledge immediately at the shop I was working in. For all of these reasons, I chose to continue my BSA training and my experience became even more exciting by conquering the top and level 2!

Alkmini Kristalidi
Barista Coffee Island

I chose this seminar because it covers the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of a competent professional Barista . As I did not have experience in the field, the theory of coffee and tea, the correct handling of the espresso machine and the training in the different extraction methods gave me the necessary skills to apply for a job and eventually work in one of the the largest Greek coffee shop chains.

Christos Stratigakis
Head Barista Coffee shop

After years of experience as a barista, I decided that I would try to apply for a more senior position in the hotel industry. To be able to do that , I had to enrich my CV with a degree in the field. I have come to the BSA Seminar , for reasons of prestige and international validity, as the hotel unit that I am working in is part of an international chain of hotels. Indeed it was the right step, because together with enriching it with a bartending seminar , my CV was considered appropriate for the position. A truly very meaningful and interesting seminar, I suggest it to every barista who wants to make it in this profession!

F & B Manager
Potidea Holidays Hotel

The high level educational material of the seminars, the well-structured training program and the participation of qualified professionals with extensive work experience, drove the lectures to a very high level. The knowledge I received was directly applicable to my work and helped me both in my professional development and personal development.

George Manetas
Barista Roasters Coffee

My name is Nikolaos Giannakopoulos and I attended the seminar series for Barista Beverage Skills ( Level 1) by the Beverage Standards Association , which I completed in November, 2017.

The structure of the seminars concerned a theoretical and practical part. As far as the skills acquired in the first part , I consider it to be highly informative and consistent with the latest developments in the field, coherent and covering a range from the choice of raw material to the final stages of production. During the practical part we were given a variety of opportunities to apply our knowledge and to practice the basic skills of a barista to the more specialized ones such as the latte art .

The certification has helped me in my immediate job success, as I am now working in Bridge ‘s Coffee Roastery in the coffee production team. The general knowledge I have acquired, helps me every day in my work and my career as a professional.

The department’s responsible trainer, Ms. Kouidou Marilena , was distinguished by being excellent in transferring the knowledge to us and showing constant interest in our training during the seminar as well as in our subsequent vocational rehabilitation, while aiming at providing us with the most up-to-date, theoretical and research data.

My overall impression of the seminar is excellent and I think it is a very important step for the development and briefing of professionals in the coffee business.

Nikolaos Giannakopoulos
Bridge Coffee Roasters

The reason I chose the barista seminars was to learn everything about coffee. Excellent experience,excellent team of trainers. I recommend it for anyone who loves coffee and wants to learn everything about it.

Nikos Zoumis
Saint Andrea Resort Paros