The competitive advantages of the BSA Barista Skills Level 1 & Barista Skills Level 2 VRQ seminars are multiple , including the following :

  • BSA is the only international integrated certification in Greece that educates baristi and catering professionals equally in coffee, tea, cacao, smoothies , customer service / consumer behaviour / safety and hygiene.
  • BSA is the only certification in Greece that is internationally recognized as a VRQ ( Vocational Related Qualification) , fully recognized in the international labour market (for example in case one wants to work in Dubai , Cyprus, UK ..., an excellent way to build a robust professional CV ) .
  • BSA is the only international certification currently in Greece so closely linked to the hotel and tourism industry.
  • BSA is the only certification with an organized network of collaborations with companies both in Greece and abroad, for the direct professional absorption of its graduates in both the Greek and the British labour market.
  • BSA is the only certification in the Greek market covering products such as : tea , cocoa, smoothies , the next international market trends.
  • With full transparency of results (Assessment papers being sent formally to the UK BSA Association)
  • Small groups, with continuous access to espressomachines provided to all participants and continuous supervision by qualified BSA trainers.
  • Two self-contained integrated training levels depending on the interest of each professional in the field (eg F & B manager or purely barista or in service )