During a time in Greece when tourism is the main pillar of economic development the absolute right training of its human resources relating to providing good service is crucial. The profession of the barista has seen tremendous growth in recent years, as both the catering coffee chains and the needs of hotel units are increasing. Hence, properly trained and internationally certified baristi are undoubtedly of great importance for the tourism industry.

The Beverage Standards Asssociation of Uk is represented by Coteco Educational and Counseling from 2018. It provides the following services for the market of Greece and Cyprus:


Educational seminars in Barista Skills: Level 1 and Level 2 VRQ .

BSA has the only Barista seminars in Greece, which provide an official British educational qualification recognized internationally.

BSA Barista Skills Level 1

Introductory seminar in the coffee , tea and cocoa world and the Barista skills world . It provides both theoretical training and hands on education around the above beverages and their proper preparation . Provides learning in practice of all the beverages based on espresso and milk ( Cappuccino, Caffe latte, Flat white etc) and other types of coffee (Filter, Greek, Instant) . The seminar is concluded with a theoretical and practical examination for obtaining the official title.

Absolute basic all around knowledge for a barista who wants to certify his/her knowledge, or someone who wants to start a career in this professional field, both in Greece or abroad.

BSA Barista Skills Level 2 VRQ

Seminar for experienced baristi, with advanced knowledge both theoretical and practical in the areas of coffee, tea and cocoa speciality.

The seminar Barista Skills Level 2 VRQ , is internationally recognized and operates in UK ‘s educational market as VRQ ( Vocational Related Qualification ) and NQ ( National Qualification ), that is to say an educational qualification recognized as a professional qualification.

The seminar covers the whole range of beverages offered in out of home consumption venues. It covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the proper preparation, presentation and serving of products such as coffee, tea, cocoa and smoothies .

It also deals with sensory analysis of coffee, tea and cocoa at a specialty level . It covers some specialized modules such as water extraction (brewing), different preparatory methods for filter coffee (V 60, Aeropress, Cold brew etc.) and roasting (Roasting).

It provides trainees with specialized knowledge on hygiene and safety rules and the correct use of raw materials. Finally, it focuses on details about good customer service, consumer behaviour, correct complaint management , the importance of right presentation and behavior during the service.

The seminar includes both written and practical examinations for obtaining the official VRQ certificate .



A coffee shop evaluation and certification system designed to raise standards in the out of home use of coffee and other beverages, and the reward of perfection.

Opportunity for cafes and restaurants to be evaluated objectively through international standards and officially certified by the British BSA , based on the quality of their beverages.

The BSA 5 Cup Accreditation System operates on a basis of services and standards exhibited by a shop during its secret evaluation , on a multi-criteria basis, upon request for an assessment of the business by BSA . Depending on its rating ,the cafe is officially certified by diploma and badge, as one Cup , 2 Cup .. with optimal certification of 5 cups . Each year based on their performance on certain objective criteria (quality drinks, service, cleanliness, etc.) there is a list of winners. The winner of the Best Beverage award each year will participate in the Official Event and Dinner of the BSA in Great Britain , BSA GOLDEN CUP AWARDS 2019,with all expenses paid.


The BSA GREECE AND CYPRUS , through the programme ‘Raising the bar’ gives advice to the cafés and restaurants throughout Greece, who want to improve the overall quality of their beverages and the overall level of their enterprise service and staff, based on the international standards of the carrier . Consulting takes place at the headquarters of the business, for half or one day depending on the needs of the business.


BSA GREECE AND CYPRUS, through the program ‘ Train the trainer’ , trains and certifies trainers who will have the possibility to teach the BSA Level 1 Barista Skills and B SA Level 2 Barista Skills VRQ, in certified educational centers all over Greece and Cyprus.