It seems that a new star was born in the 16 th Cup of Excellence competition in El Salvador in April. Between 16 prevalent coffees the Bernadina variety produced by the farm Finca La Esperanza, won third place , with a score of 89.93 . This is the Cup of Excellence first competition , following changes to the rules by the organizer Alliance for Coffee Excellence ( ACE ).All winners had to score more than 87 points.

But which are the characteristics of this new variety that has positively surprised everyone?

According to experts, Bernadina is probably a crossbreeding of the famous Geisha and another parent plant of the farm Finca La Esperanza . Bernadina got its name from the manager of the farm Ruberto Bernadino Marche , the man who distinguished the diversity of this unique variety.

We must not forget that it is the second time the farm Finca La Esperanza, innovates in the coffee world. It is the farm that had first first discovered the Pacas variety , the known natural mutation of Bourbon , which also took the name of the owners of the farm: the Pacas family .

What makes Bernadina so special ?Of course its unique flavour profile. Growing at an altitude of around 1.400-1.600 meters , on the slopes of the volcano Cerro Verde , in a protected location by the winds from the opposite Izalco volcano , with intense fog in the evenings which aids the slow and steady ripening of the coffee cherries , all this giving its unique, intricate flavour profile. It is processed by the washed method and dried on raised beds. It reminds us of its parent, the Geisha, but still differs …

The delicious palette reveals the sweet acidity, delicacy of flavours and peculiar notes of peach, citrus and tropical fruits such as papaya , along with mandarin aftertaste , ginger and lemon tea.

It looks as if a new trend has been discovered !! Will it exceed its parent ‘s reputation both in terms of pricing and in elegance? It remains to be seen .. Look out to try it, at the 3rd wave cafes in your area!

Mysterious Bernadina Variety among 25 El Salvador Cup of Excellence Winners. bernadine -variety