The Nepalese tea

Hidden in the Himalayas, the tea of Nepal is one of the most interesting new trends in the area of tea speciality . What gives it this wonderful, liveliness in the cup ? It reminds us of its neighbour the Darjeeling but more delicate, even more aromatic and with better quality leaves. Why ? It is not only its special terroir! It is the tea bushes growing with water flowing from the sources of the towering peaks of the Himalayas (8 of the 10 tallest mountain tops in world are in Nepal), completely unpolluted air, and soil composition which is almost divine !! Centuries of forest leaves fallen into the ground, containing all the nutrients and trace elements to produce a delicious masterpiece of tea. But most of all it is the energy of these plants, which reveal the peace, tranquility and beauty of the soul of those who gather these leaves on a daily basis , devoting their lives to bringing them to our cup !!!

Absolutely worth trying it !!!