BSA at Athens Coffee Festival

The Beverage Standards Association of UK, is a British non profit association, representing companies from the beverage sector such as coffee,tea,cocoa, water ,espresso machines etc . The purpose of the association, is raising the standards and fostering the ethos in the out of home beverage consumption sector.

The Beverage Standards Association of UK, acknowledges education as a parameter of extreme importance for the sustainable growth of the sector. Hence, it provides the British market as well as it’s international centers with two Barista training educational seminars: Level 1 & Level 2 in Barista Skills/Beverage Experts. The participation in these seminars, together with the successful exam results, lead students in attaining the educational title of NQ for the Level 1 Barista skills seminar and VRQ for the Level 2 Barista Skills seminar.

These two certifications may be of interest to a variety of different groups of professionals.

The Level 1 certification , addresses individuals who would like to enter the catering sector as baristi or experienced baristi whose knowledge focusses mostly on the technical part and would like to learn more on the different types of coffee, tea , cocoa, water ,smoothies, safety and hygiene and who would like to become beverage experts. It also addresses professionals who would like to work in hospitality and tourism and professionals who would like to boost their CV by obtaining a valid educational certification. In addition, it may interest baristi who would like to work abroad or professionals who already work as F&B managers in hotels or catering businesses, who would like to obtain knowledge in order to work more effectively with their team.

The level 2 certification, addresses professionals who are already experienced baristi, who would like to certify their knowledge and obtain even more knowledge in the Speciality beverage sector .

The biggest value of the BSA seminars, is the fact that the baristi are trained both in a theoretical ,as well as in a practical way and that their education is multidimensional and holistic . In addition, they obtain a valid educational qualification, which certifies their knowledge and capabilities. This helps the baristi build a serious CV, which will help them in their future employment opportunities both in the hospitality and catering sectors.

We would be very happy to welcome you and to talk to you about all the above , in our booth number 4 ,in the Athens Coffee Festival, the biggest coffee event in Greece, from the 28th to the 30th of September.

Individuals interested in enrolling to our seminars, will be given a 20% discount to our upcoming October and November seminars, if they enroll during the period of the Athens Coffee festival event.